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Emergency Contacts

This page includes information if you find:

  • An animal that requires saving from a precarious predicament
  • A lost or abandoned domestic pet
  • An Injured domestic pet
  • Injured Wildlife
  • Witness an act of cruelty against an animal

An animal that requires saving from a precarious predicament 

If you find an animal that requires saving from a precarious predicament, Nigel's rescue deals will all types of animals & most situations.  You should contact Nigel in circumstances where you find an animal trapped in a drain, stuck up a tree or in a wall etc.

Nigel’s Animal Rescue Service (South-Eeastern suburbs)
M: 0427 533 083

If you find a lost or abandoned domestic pet

All animals should be taken to your local vet for microchip scanning, if a chip is not present contact your local animal shelter for assistance.

To find the nearest animal shelter to you there's a comprehensive list on the Pet Rescue site.

At night, if it’s not injured, it’s not considered an emergency.  Please make the animal comfortable and keep it secured until the next morning.


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